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As an astronaut, Nicole developed a passion for motivational speaking.  

She feels blessed to share the inspiration of her spaceflight & artistic

experience in a creative, down to Earth & inspirational way ~ whether you're a corporate senior leadership team or an elementary school classroom, Nicole's message will support the needs of your group.  


To request Nicole's participation in your event, please make your request via Contact

“I cannot express in words my gratitude and my sincere appreciation to Nicole for making the trip to Chicago, and for sharing her phenomenal life changing experiences with our team. We have heard incredible feedback from those who attended her talk, and I can comfortably say that we all were mesmerized by her video and pictures. Her passion for her work, both in space and on this earth, were so evident and so very impressive. Personally, it was a pleasure and honor to meet Nicole. She is a true inspiration.”  
-- Mandeep Grewal, Chief of Staff to United CEO 

2023 Speaking Events

PLANET ComicCon                                           Fri Mar 17 - Sun Mar 19 / Kansas City

eARTh from Space                                           Sat Feb 25 / Palm Harbor, FL, Brooker Creek Preserve

I Heart Pluto Festival                                        Sat Feb 18 / Flagstaff, AZ, Lowell Observatory

Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet            Thurs Feb 16 / Tampa, FL

SPC "eARTh from Space"                               Tues Jan 31 / Tarpon Springs, FL Leepa-Rattner Museum

STEM Kid's Explorer Festival                          Sat Jan 21 / Largo, FL


London Science Museum                                                      Mon May 2 / London, UK

Cosmosphere                                                                         Thurs June 16 / Hutchinson, KS

Oshkosh / GirlVenture Panel                                                 Tues July 26 / Oshkosh, WI

Play By Como Space Camp                                                   Aug 10-20 / Maldives

Astronomy for Equity / Libya Space Camp                          Tues Aug 23 / virtual

ASF Innovators Gala                                                              Wed Aug 24 / Orlando, FL

Valley Bookstore                                                                     Fri Aug 26 / Jackson Hole, WY

Geeks Without Frontiers                                                       Sat Aug 27 / Jackson Hole, WY

Girls In Aviation Day                                                              Sat Sept 24 / Tampa, FL

Exploring By the Seat of Your Pants                                    Tues Oct 4 / virtual

MOSI Mentoring                                                                   Sat Oct 8 / Tampa, FL

MODAC Keynote                                                                  Thurs Oct 18 / Michigan

Belgian Space Week                                                             Oct 17-19 / Brussels, Belgium

Atelier de la Nature/Halloween Art & Nature Festival       Sat Oct 29 / Arnaudville, LA

Yorkshire Festival of Story                                                     Sun Nov 6 / Yorkshire, UK 

STAT Summit 2022                                                                 Wed Nov 16 / Boston, MA  

Art With Me ~ Overview Effect Experience                        Sat Nov 26 / Miami, FL

Bok Tower Gardens / Starry Nights                                      Fri Dec 16 / Lake Wales, FL

Go to Book~Back To Earth for more events

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Some kind words from clients ~

Nicole Stott is engaging, inspiring, and a true role model for girls and women of all ages to look up to. Her stories and photos from her time in space are captivating and all eyes were on her the whole time."  --Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health   
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"Our deepest gratitude to Nicole for coming to Saratoga and gracing our stage as the opening speaker in our “Out of This World” festival.  It was the perfect kick-off to our 2-week exploration of art and the cosmos at our venue.  Not only is Nicole an engaging and charismatic speaker, she brings a powerful perspective of art, humanity and our natural surroundings that is both enlightening and full of hope.  Her personal accounts of space travel and life inside the ISS inspire courage, creativity, collaboration and compassion in all of her listeners.  We should all aspire to be the passionate and mindful earthling that Nicole exemplifies." 

-Elizabeth Sobol, President and CEO,

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

“Nicole spent time with our senior executive team and delivered a powerful and inspirational message on engagement and innovation. Her ability to share her NASA experiences and then articulate similarities to our own environment was especially effective. A superb active listener during our prep. calls, she shined in her ability to weave in our culture, while balancing science and art throughout her presentation. This made her more believable and her stories more relevant. Nicole set up an open environment for our executives to embrace new thinking and possibilities, while also being realistic in the challenges to overcome. My takeaway, in Nicole’s own words, “opportunities come from seeing things with new perspective.” She successfully helped us achieve this... it was a great session!” -- Johnson & Johnson, Senior Leadership Team 
“Nicole Stott delivers a riveting and powerful message on how training and teamwork through space exploration preparation and execution expands perspective, builds community and is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. She is a role model for all, and her personal journey and story is a great example how through extraordinary human spirit and hard work anyone can achieve their goals. Her inspirational message about leadership, and her ability to relate and parlay her message to AORE conference attendees was impeccable.”
-- Jeannette Stawski, AORE Executive Director 

“We had the pleasure of hearing Nicole speak to our executive group here at the Houston Texans. Her message of teamwork and striving for excellence really resonated with us, and listening to her stories from such a distinguished career was very inspiring. The images she shared from her time in space are breathtaking, and serve as the perfect canvas for her emphasis on reaching for new heights. She shared one of a kind anecdotes about how people, countries and cultures worked together in space to help achiev e a common goal, which is an idea any business can both understand and relate too. I highly recommend Nicole for any type of professional development seminars, especially for those looking to better themselves and understand the ‘bigger’ picture. We couldn ’t have been happier!” --- Eric SanInocencio , Houston Texans, Senior Director of Digital Media   

“Nicole presented to our entire company at our annual safety meeting, and her inspirational message made a huge impact on our team. Jetco Delivery is in the trucking and logistics business. Our industry carries great operating risk and the potential for tragic outcomes if the wrong decisions are made. Nicole’s ability to tell the story of her NASA experiences and the importance of teamwork was moving and perfectly fit with our meeting’s theme. Her attentiveness to our message and ability to weave in aspects of our culture into her own presentation made her relatable and had a huge impact on our group. Nicole gave our team an enhanced sense of mission. They learned that the same formula needed to launch the space shuttle into to orbit and return home safely also applies to our mission critical functions here on the ground! We greatly appreciated Nicole sharing her experiences and inspiring our team to reach their full potential – to reach for the stars.”
--- Brian Fielkow, CEO 
"One of the greatest gifts of your presentation was when one of the students in the Aerospace Engineering program stated:  “She made you really want to follow your dream and made you think you could.”  What a tremendous gift that the student, as a result of your presentation, believes that she can achieve her goals!  That is powerful!  “I will never ever forget Nicole and her presentation today”
--- Cheryl Renneckar, DAR Vice Regent 
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“I asked Nicole to speak to my team from across the country about her background and how it related to leadership and teamwork. Not only was her message right on point and her background fascinating, she tailored her message to what I was trying to accomplish with my team. Our time with Nicole provided inspiration as to what is possible, the importance of collaboration and gave the audience a greater appreciation of the vision that goes into accomplishing one’s goals”.

–Chris Money, Zone Sales Director, Paychex Inc. 

“Nicole is a master storyteller whose keen perception and open heart allow her to weave together the many lessons and insights from her experience training for and flying in space in a way that makes immediate, intuitive sense to her audience. We recently had an opportunity to bring a client from a global health and pharmaceutical company to the Space Coast in Florida for 3 days of intensive learning and exploration with people and organizations in the space industry. The leaders in our group were exploring big questions without easy answers and the time we spent with Nicole was a major highlight of the trip. Despite a litany of accomplishments that might make her unapproachable to some, Nicole’s easy style and genuine curiosity about others’ experiences is an instant equalizer. Her ability to connect spaceflight examples to everyday human challenges and desires makes her both inspiring and immediately impactful. It was a true pleasure to work with Nicole and we’d jump at the opportunity to partner on future projects.” --- Jennifer Simpson, Partner 
"Nicole Stott's closure talk at the conference gave me the opportunity to see our world from a completely different perspective. As a teacher, it taught me that to prepare our students to be outstanding contributors to the world, we need to foment their own personal interests and give them numerous opportunities to develop as students and as people in general. 
--- Juliana Perez, Bronx Math & Science Teacher 
"Mrs. Stott has been a tireless supporter of education who has been an inspiration to our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Embry-Riddle owes much to her counsel as a member of our Board of Trustees, and as a champion of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. We are profoundly honored to showcase the artwork of a true American icon." 
--- Embry-Riddle President P. Barry Butler 
Some of the many events and organizations that Nicole has supported:
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