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Back to Earth

'What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet


and Our Mission to Protect It'

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Praise for BACK TO EARTH

“My former space crewmate poignantly captures what astronauts experience when looking at Earth from space. A must-read for anyone who cares about this planet—which should be all of us.”

—Scott Kelly, astronaut and New York Times–bestselling author of Endurance

“A brilliant and poignant manual on what it means to live on Earth. Stott’s clarity and eloquence might bring you to tears. It should be read aloud to children, assigned in schools, shared with Congress, and placed in houses of worship.”  

—Paul Hawken, New York Times–bestselling author of Drawdown and Regeneration


“Stott shows us that Earth is our ship—and if we’re not careful, we’re sunk. Her experiences convinced her that we can all do something to make the world better. The tasks ahead, and the views, are tremendous.”

—Bill Nye, the science guy


“Stott’s insights on Earth’s vulnerability are a powerful inspiration to counter indifference, and a spur to fully appreciate and preserve what we have before it’s gone.”  

—The Edge, humanitarian and musician, U2


“Stott is that rarest of individuals—at once a wonderful writer, deep thinker, keen observer, inspired artist, and gentle soul. No one who reads this stunning, moving, and hopeful work will forget that humanity shares one home.”  

—Robert Kurson, New York Times–bestselling author of Rocket Men

"Back to Earth should be required reading for anyone who asks: “Why do humans go to space?” I have not seen a better description of the balance between the current risks and the beauty of life on our planet. Nicole has succeeded in bringing the astronaut experience to the heart of the reader, sharing not only her stories but also her optimism for a promising future for life on Earth." 

―Astronaut Eileen Collins, Space Shuttle Commander and Pilot; Colonel, USAF (ret.)

"There’s a deceptively simple clarity to this book that surprised me with its power. Nicole, one of the nicest and most personable people I’ve ever met, uses her platform as a former space shuttle and space station astronaut to great effect to say something that is subtly yet surprisingly different from other works I’ve come across.  I have read many books about flying in space. I have read books about effectively living on Earth in responsible ways. I have even read – and sometimes helped to write – books that show how living in space can affect how spacefarers feel about our planet. But this book is different. This book is a two-way process....(read full review here)"

--Francis French, author, educator, speaker  

“Nicole’s wonderful book maps her extraordinary journey from Earth to space and back again. She teaches us how to see our world as the spaceship it really is, and how important it is to take great care of the round blue vehicle in which we all ride.”  

―Peter Gabriel, musician and Earthling

“Nicole inspires us to be a crew member, not just a passenger, on the most important spaceship of all: planet Earth.”  

—Simone Giertz, inventor and YouTuber 

“A thought-provoking and thrilling call to action to do right by our environment and, even more so, by each other.”   

—Scott Harrison, New York Times-bestselling author of Thirst 

“Sometimes you have to leave the planet to love the planet—and certainly to appreciate it fully. That, and much more, is the core message of this wise and artful book. What her trips to space taught her about survival, problem-solving, and our own humanity, she in turn teaches us—making us not just passengers on our planet, but crewmates. I came away from this book a better Earthling than I was when I began it.” 

—Jeffrey Kluger, TIME editor-at-large, co-author of the national bestseller Apollo 13, author Holdout 

“Through the windows of the space station, floating alongside our crewmates from around the world, Nicole Stott and I saw Earthrise together, and understood how fragile our water-filled home is. By turning her journey into a beautifully written work of art, Nicole has taken action in a way that few can. Her book is very much needed.”   

—Guy Laliberté, 7th Space Tourist and Founder of Cirque du Soleil, Lune Rouge and ONE DROP


“Our planet is a spaceship, and we are its crew! This is the story of a down-to-earth astronaut who cares deeply about our planet and all life that shares it as home. Sometimes you have to leave a place to truly appreciate it — nobody tells this tale better than Nicole Stott.”  

—William W. Li, MD, New York Times-bestselling author of Eat to Beat Disease 

“Nicole conveys the importance of space exploration with an astronaut’s understanding and an artist’s eye. Her unique perspective can help all of us better appreciate our home as well as encourage the passion needed to take care of it."  

―Astronaut Mike Massimino, New York Times-bestselling author of Spaceman

"I shared a delicious curry meal off-planet with Nicole on the International Space Station and it felt just like home. When we landed and broke bread again I had a new perspective and appreciation of what it meant to be home. Through Back to Earth Nicole helps us all find that perspective and connection to our home Planet."

―Astronaut Leland Melvin, author of Chasing Space

“Back to Earth should be in everybody’s home library! Nicole has captured the incredible beauty, fragility, and interconnectivity of Earth. Writing with the inspirational flair of Carl Sagan, rallying the reader to fully embrace their role as a guardian of the future. A very human story… this is a book for the crew of Spaceship Earth.”  

—Astronaut Mike Mullane, author of Riding Rockets   


“Back to Earth offers an extraordinary glimpse of Earth from a view most of us will never witness firsthand. Nicole Stott underscores the urgent need for humanity to take action, while offering hope that we can solve our greatest problems if we work together for the greater good.” 

—Leilani Münter, environmental activist, filmmaker, and retired race car driver  

“A smart, witty guide to living on our home planet from one of the only humans to have lived in space and under the sea, Nicole understands our worlds, from algae to stardust. Now she lets us in on the magic. Buy, read, act!”   

―Lynn Sherr, ABC News correspondent and author of Sally Ride

“In Back To Earth Nicole Stott offers us the precious gift of perspective on human life. With wisdom gained through her unique experiences, Nicole connects the dots between the heavens and Earth, creating an elegant template for living rich lives in harmony with nature.  Back To Earth is the answer to “They should have sent a poet.”  

—Brian Skerry, National Geographic wildlife photographer and film producer 

“Nicole came back to Earth with a new mission: urging all of us to protect our one and only “home.” As an artist, she conveys her spaceflight experience in her paintings; and in her wonderful book, she finds the words to share her profound and moving journey as a call to action for us all.”  

—Frank White, author of The Overview Effect

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