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A personal highlight of Nicole's spaceflight experience was the opportunity to paint during her free time. She was the first to paint with watercolors in space.

Through her artwork, Nicole uniquely shares the awesome beauty she was blessed to experience through the windows of her spacecraft, and she will continue to promote the amazing things we’re doing every day in space that benefit us all right here on Earth.  Combining her artwork and spaceflight experience, she is also actively working to generate widespread interest in the inspiration that comes so wonderfully through the integration of Art and Science.


Her artwork is based on her personal interpretation and expression of the views of Earth and the spacecraft she experienced during her spaceflight missions.  She is currently working with oil and acrylic paints and other mixed media.   

Painting "The Wave" on ISS during Expedition 21

First astronaut to paint a watercolor in space  (ISS Expedition 21 / Oct 2009) 


Nicole brought a small watercolor kit with her to the ISS; & also the paintbrush of friend & wonderful artist Ron Woods.  She painted "The Wave" based on a picture of Isla Los Roques, Venezuela that she took through the window of the ISS Russian Service Module.  "The Wave" continues to inspire Nicole's artwork. 

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning Nicole's artwork, please contact her at  

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Earth Observation Collection
Spacecraft Collection
Inner Space Collection
eARTh ~ jewelry from space
A short story of an Artist, Astronaut, & Inspiration

Shortly after retiring from NASA, I had the very special opportunity to meet one of my heroes of Spaceflight & Art ~ Alan Bean ~ Artist, Astronaut, Moonwalker

A huge thanks to my friend & fellow astronaut Anna Fisher for making the introductions.  Alan welcomed our visit to his studio.  I can't say enough about his enthusiasm for his art and his humble nature.  I am so appreciative of his willingness to answer all of my questions and share his experience as an artist (and as an astronaut who transitioned to artist) with me. Needless to say I am in awe of and inspired by him and his work, and I'm thankful for his friendship. He is missed.

He was one of the most talented painters, and through his artwork he presents his spaceflight experience to you like a beautiful gift he wants to share.  If you haven't already, be impressed and check out his artwork and more information at:  

Nicole is a proud member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA)
Nicole's first solo art exhibit
"Around the World in 90 Minutes: An Astronaut's Perspective" at the Sayle Gallery, Isle of Man, UK
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