Space for Art

Combining her artwork and spaceflight experience, Nicole is actively working to generate widespread interest in the inspiration that comes so wonderfully through the integration of Art and Science.  #SciArt 

Nicole is available to share this inspiration of Space, Science & Art with your group of all ages.
Bringing together her colleagues from the Johnson Space Center team - who normally would only be thought of for their technical roles as scientist, engineer or astronaut - Nicole and Space Center Houston showcased the team's creativity and artistic work through an exhibit designed to surprise you with the interplay of art and science in their lives.
Where Art & Science intersect ~
SciArt programs & partnerships that 
Engage, Innovate & Collaborate

A non-profit  501(c)3 organization formed to develop, implement and facilitate space inspired art therapy programs, exhibits, and research.   The Space for Art Foundation is the home of The Spacesuit Art Project, Postcards to Space, the Space for Art Exhibits, and more!

A beautiful mission of Space Exploration, Art, & Healing
Humbled to be a part of this wonderful global project that began with the children participating in the Arts in Medicine program at The University of Texas MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital and has grown now in cooperation with children at hospitals all over the world.
Our amazing team also includes Artist Ian Cion, Space Suit Manufacturer ILC Dover, NASA and astronauts and cosmonauts from our international ISS Program Partners, Space Center Houston, Unity Movement-Moscow & Projekt Postcard.

© "The Artistic Astronaut" ~ eARTh from space

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Spending time with Culinary Arts students at Tarpon Springs High School, FL, 2010.